Space Police 3
Years: 2009-Present

Space Police 3 is a Space Theme released in 2009. It has a similarity to the Previous Themes Space Police I and II.

The theme is focused on Spacer Police Officers capturing criminals - the Black Hole Gang for example.


Space Police 3 was released in the Summer of 2009, with the theme starting off with 10 Sets and 2 impulse sets. 6 Criminals came with the sets, almost all of them coming with a specially molded head. Most of the sets came with a Space Police 3 Officer, always with a different face, and sometimes without Airtanks.

The Theme introduced many new and different coloured pieces including the Rocket Launcher piece, big Spike piece, and others. The theme also had a variety of Stickers which could be applied to the finished model. In 2010, the theme yielded only 2 sets, both coming with minifigs with recolored criminal heads from the Previous year (Squidtron & Rench).

A new, elite version of Space Police Officer was introduced, known as Space Police Commandos. The Commandos were almost the same as usual Officers, except they came with a new helmet and a transparent red visor.

In the Summer of 2010, a total of 3 new sets were made, with a new Criminal in each set. One out of the 2 minifigs had a recolored Head (Craniac). The other 2 had a new head mold.


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  • Some of the sets included stickers which were Cameos of other themes.
  • Some of the Criminals names/preliminary names were puns or based on other names.

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